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Rainshower SmartControl

Grohe Rainshower SmartControl


GROHE Rainshower SmartControl - Redefine shower luxury at the touch of a button

With GROHE SmartControl, the shower becomes an unprecedented intuitive experience so that you're ready to relax and instantly enjoy your perfect shower. To learn more about the GROHE Rainshower SmartControl. >>Read more


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The Rainshower SmartControl is a complete package of relaxing shower experience

Surface-mounted thermostatic tap for an intuitive shower at the touch of a button.

Two models available: MONO, with 2 water outlets/ 1 head shower jet or DUO with 2 water outlets/ 2 head shower jets.

Available as shower systems with exposed or concealed GROHE rainshower SmartControl 360 duo and Power&Soul hand shower.

Equipped with a range of technologies such as GROHE CoolTouch, SafeStop Plus and EcoJoy.

Timeless, beautiful and discreet design.

Make the Most of Your Shower with GROHE Smart Active

Get a satisfying shower experience with smart technology

With just a press of a button, you can select the type of jet or water outlet that you want. Whether it's the relaxing O2 Rain jet, the TrioMassage jet or the Power&Soul hand shower, make the most of your shower. However, you don't have to be satisfied with just one type of jet! You can use two jets simultaneously by pressing two buttons and combining different jet functions with different water volumes.


There is no need to adjust the tap in a standard way; just press a button and choose the desired spray pattern. Simply turn the knob to adjust the water flow rate. Thanks to the GROHE SmartControl memory function, your settings will be saved, making it easy to change jets without interrupting your shower to adjust the flow rate again. So you can enjoy the comfort of your personalized shower anytime you want. GROHE TurboStat technology makes it easy for you to control the temperature with great precision, whether it's in the summer for a cool, refreshing shower or in the winter to warm up. The thermostatic tap ensures that the temperature is perfect in a fraction of a second and keeps it constant throughout your shower.

GROOHE Raindance SmartControl at xTWOstore GROOHE Raindance SmartControl at xTWOstore GROOHE Raindance SmartControl at xTWOstore

Steps to a unique experience:

Press the button to select the type of jet/water outlet.

Set the water flow rate by turning the knob.

Set the ideal temperature with the handle on the right-hand side.

Enjoy it!


An extensive range of designs and colours to complete your dream bathroom

Whether you want to redesign your bathroom or renovate an existing one completely, different solutions affect the installation. One differentiates between surface-mounted, flush-mounted and surface-flush-mounted versions.

There are two types of thermostatic taps with two water outlets, DUO and MONO. The DUO model has three buttons. You can select them so that one button controls the hand shower while the other two control the head shower, which has two types of jets. The MONO model has two buttons to select the water outlet, either the head shower or the hand shower.


Not just a bath, a relaxing massage too

The XXL head shower, available as a concealed or surface-mounted version, is the perfect addition to the SmartControl system and leaves nothing desired. With a length of 360 mm, your entire body will enjoy the relaxing effect of the shower. At the touch of a button, the tropical rainfall from the Rundoval is transformed into a relaxing massage. You can choose between the GROHE Rain O2 jet or the innovative new TrioMassage jet. With TrioMassage, you can massage your head and shoulder and experience maximum relaxation effects. If you want to experience everything simultaneously, don't worry. Just press the two buttons and enjoy a relaxing massage under a rainfall effect. Not only is the shower relaxing, but its cleaning and hygienic appearance play a vital role. With Grohe SpeedClean you can remove scale deposits with a simple wipe.

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