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Hand Washbasins

GROHE Hand Washbasins

State of the Art Hand Wash Basins by GROHE

A convenient and appealing hand wash basin for every house

For every conscious homeowner, the bathroom is one of the most relaxing parts of the home and of course it is expected to be the most functional too. As much as the bathing space is important to you, its theme and decor is equally essential. To bring luxury and ease of use, a hand wash basin is important for every modern bathroom. >>Read more.


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GROHE wash basins are a unique blend of style and sophistication that can be installed into smaller rooms, downstairs toilets, or cloakrooms. GROHE's hand basins for the bathroom are of premium quality and serves as an ideal pick replacing any bulky bedroom sink or for an adjoining en suite.

The GROHE wash basins are usually narrower than the standard bathroom basins, and are accurately sized to fit in with hand washing, but also roomy enough to be able to do simple everyday tasks such as shave, swill your face, or even clean your teeth. Since these hand wash basins are wall mounted they make your bathroom appear larger, offers elegant styling, and saves on space.

These hand wash basins with cabinets bring a sense of performance and craftsmanship to your bathroom space, no matter what the size of your bathroom is.

You can explore xTWOstore to check out a huge collection of hand wash basins from other manufacturers here. The wall mounted hand basins look aesthetic plus they are much more cost-effective than the pedestal types.

GROHE’s Easy to Clean Hand Wash Basin

Cleaner and hygienic bathrooms, now with GROHE hand wash basins

GROHE pioneers in technology driven bathroom solutions and its hand wash basins are easy to clean, providing a hygienic approach to the ambience in your entire home, and keeping you healthier. These convenient and easy to clean hand basins come in a range of exemplary designs, and budget friendly pricing.

Hand Wash Basins with Cabinets for Easy Storage

Organised and clutter-free bathrooms with GROHE hand wash basin with cabinets

Who doesn't like a clutter-free bathroom space? While you try your best to keep everything in reach and in place, sometimes things might just get out of hand. xTWOstore brings you a fabulous choice of wash hand basin with cabinet that serves the purpose of storing your daily essentials conveniently, plus they look so good.

GROHE Hand wash Basins Saves Space

GROHE hand wash basins-  Ensures hygienic lifestyle and fits neatly into small spaces  

The hand wash basin is particularly practical in guest bathrooms. Often these have limited space and the sink is only used for hand washing. GROHE proposed several models of hand wash basins from which some feature the PureGuard coating. This makes the sink surface particularly smooth and antibacterial. Limescale, impurities and germs do not stick to it and you benefit from impeccable hygiene.

Exceptional Designs to Watch Out with GROHE Hand Wash Basins

The choices with designs and speciality is limitless with GROHE hand wash basins

The hand wash basins of GROHE are rectangular-shaped, made of sanitary ceramic and are white in colour. The single hole hand wash basins are offered with the faucet located on the centre or on the right. The hand wash basins are available in two different GROHE design series. The Cube Ceramic series presents a modern style with clear and angular lines whereas the Euro Ceramic series offers an attractive combination of round and angular shapes.

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