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3-Hole Bathtub Taps

GROHE Bathtub Taps – Authentic & Elegant Furnishings

Different from the rest, suits every bathroom

The function of bathtub taps increasingly combines the functional with the aesthetic: they are more than just mixers to direct the flow of water into the bathroom; they also act as authentic furnishings, true and proper design accessories. It is for this very reason that it is critical that you choose the faucets for your bathtub carefully, so that they fit seamlessly into the rest of the environment in which they are placed. Bathtub taps are available in many forms, such as 2-handle bathtub taps, 3-hole bathtub taps, or 4-hole bathtub taps. The GROHE 3-hole bathtub faucet range has something elegant about it: the symmetry of two deck valves on either side of a central spout and the way they look different from the bog-standard bath taps you see in every other bathroom. >>Read more

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Available Variety of 3-Hole Bathtub Taps from GROHE

Amazing series of high level performing faucets

GROHE offers an extensive range of bathroom taps; bathtub taps, wall-mounted bathtub taps, and floor standing bathtub taps for your bathroom. These taps come in a wide range of configurations, styles, finishes, and technical characteristics. If you choose to go with 3-hole bathtub taps, ensuring a high level of performance, GROHE offers deck-mounted and tub edge mounting bathtub faucets. Here are the different series of 3-hole bathtub taps available:

  • Allure

The Allure range of 3-hole bathtub faucets entices a perfect silhouette. It includes a choice of stylish taps for bathtubs to enhance user comfort and ensures design compatibility with all your bathroom ceramics and renovation ideas.

  • Essence

The Essence collection of 3-hole bathtub taps by GROHE is a combination of timeless elegance and functionality. It comes with an adjustable temperature limit and StarLight technology that keeps the faucets looking new with ease of cleaning.

  • Eurocube

For a sharp, tailored look in your bathroom, the GROHE Eurocube 3-hole bathtub taps are an ideal choice. These bathtub taps come with cut-out detailing on the lever handles that reduces the perceived volume of each piece while highlighting the minimalist appeal of the taps.

  • Lineare

Looking for simple yet highly inviting bathtub taps? The GROHE Lineare 3-hole faucets are everything you are looking for to complement your bathtub. The cylindrical shape with its rectangular shape of handle and spout creates a cosmopolitan aesthetic. Its amazing spray pattern with adjustable temperature limiter makes it functional.

  • Plus

Created to meet the demands of the modern bathtubs, the GROHE Plus 3-hole bathtub taps combine elegant form with efficient function. The spout and wall-mounted features offer a modern and clean look. Its GROHE SilkMove cartridge gives it a smooth finish that ensures durability and quality.

Durable and Easy to Maintain

Bathtub faucets that saves water

GROHE bathtub taps are high-tech in features and elegant in looks. The exquisite series of GROHE bathtub faucets comes with these amazing technologies:

  • DreamSpray

The GROHE bathtub taps are equipped with DreamSpray for a balanced flow in multiple spray patterns for a relaxing bathing experience.

  • StarLight

The GROHE taps for bathtubs are guaranteed with the StarLight technology, which means chrome coating that enables high shine and makes cleaning easy.

  • Normal Spray

The bathtub taps from GROHE come with Normal Spray that has a spray pattern for a refreshing and relaxing effect.

  • EcoJoy

The GROHE EcoJoy technology in bathtub faucets reduces water consumption. With the GROHE 3-hole bathtub taps, you get a relaxing bath and not just that, you also save energy.

To check out the complete range of GROHE freestanding bathtubs to combine with these fabulous faucets, click here.

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