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Duravit ceramic coatings - Cleanliness and hygiene guaranteed

Cleanliness and hygiene are particularly important issues in the bathroom. After all, you only feel really comfortable in the bathroom if you know that everything is clean. But keeping it spotlessly clean also is a lot of work. So that it takes you much less time to clean, Duravit has developed hygienic coatings for its washbasins, toilets and many other ceramic products. We would like to introduce you to these coatings on this page.

DURAVIT WonderGliss - Easy to clean

Ceramic ware with the WonderGliss coating is particularly easy to clean. Dirt and limescale cannot adhere to this glaze which is so smooth that all residues simply run off with water. The coating causes water to pearl on surfaces, giving dirt no chance to settle. Maintenance of your bathroom ceramics is child's play: the little remaining residue can be removed effortlessly with a cloth and a mild cleaning agent. 

The active ingredients of the dirt-repellent glaze are fired into the ceramic. This makes the glaze highly resistant to abrasion and ensures a long-lasting dirt-repellent effect. Ceramics with the WonderGliss coating are harmless to health and the environment and have only advantages.  There are washbasins, toilets, bidets, urinals and cisterns with WonderGliss coating. Visit the WonderGliss overview page >>right here

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DURAVIT HygieneGlaze - Reduces the presence of bacteria by more than 99.9%

In public places such as airports and cinemas, high hygiene requirements apply to sanitary facilities. But hygiene has also become an increasingly important issue in private homes.

HygieneGlaze is the solution to these increased hygiene requirements. Metal ions based on tin and zinc are permanently integrated into the enamel. These have an antibacterial effect which results in the elimination of up to 99.999% of bacteria and germs within 24 hours. This reduction of germs and bacteria is long-lasting, ensuring that toilets and urinals coated with them remain clean and hygienic for a long time. Visit the WonderGliss overview page >>right here

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