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When you’re making bathroom renovations, or just redesigning the room, a big part of the process is upgrading. There’s no point in making big changes that take time and money if the result is just a slightly newer version of what you had before. For that reason, people are turning more towards modern designs and stylish fittings, that really showcase the room instead of just being functional. But what if you could go a step further? Instead of just replacing your bath with a fancier version, you can also upgrade its functionality by investing in a whirlpool. Also known as a Jacuzzi, these luxurious bathtubs provide jets of water or air beneath the surface, creating a constant flow. The sensation of a whirlpool tub is like nothing else, almost a massage in the bath that also promotes healing and relieves the pressure on your joints. Why not take a look at the models available and consider taking your tub to the next level? Thankfully several brands produce these special tubs, without compromising on aesthetic appeal. Shop around online and you’ll find several discount options. >> Read more in our buying guide


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Luxury whirlpools don’t have to compromise on style

When the time comes to narrow down exactly which spa tub you want to buy, you don’t have to settle for a cheap model or limit yourself to local stores, as many websites offer bargain prices and delivery. Once you start to narrow your search down to individual brands, you can focus on getting the right combination of specification and style. Remember that the tub must match the rest of the room in terms of design, as well as having the features that make it worth the extra money. Take a look at the bathroom suppliers Duravit, Ideal Standard and Hoesch for a starting point. Duravit has a range of sizes and shapes to suit different bathrooms, with the D-Code range catering to most rooms and having an appearance similar to a traditional tub. Consider Duravit’s Nahho float tub for a top of the range model that has plenty of space and an integrated support frame. Hoesch has the Scelta range which is elegant in design and features a seamless corner unit. Hoesch Regatta is a great choice for smaller rooms with a compact size, plus a shower area. Consider Ideal Standard for high tech spa tubs, including the WP 5000 whirlpool system for acrylic tubs that they rightly call a ‘wellness upgrade’, with a choice of water or air options. Ideal Standard also has the Aqua range of unusually-shaped tubs, that will appeal to modern design schemes and are perfect for smaller rooms. These should give you some inspiration when looking for whirlpool tubs. The key is to remember to budget for the extra cost, plan for the extra size and remember that sadly, you’ll have to get out eventually!

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