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The Washbasin Tap

A washbasin faucet is essential in the bathroom and if you are about to get a new one, you might be interested in getting few tips. Whether family bathroom or guest WC, a matching tap will serve many times daily. But choosing the right fitting is not so easy. It must adapt to the water pressure system in your home and to the basin. Because of the large variety of models, deciding which materials, functions, shapes and designs will be yours is not simple. A sleek profile, a stylish detail or a water-saving features can offer big results for a small overall change in your bathroom. To help you make the right decision, we put together some criteria you should consider. >> Learn more in our buying guide

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Choose the right type of tap
What about the design?
The right size and shape combination
Innovative basin faucets
Basin taps maintenance
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Choose the right type of tap

Here are some important characteristics of basin fittings:

Single-Hole Fitting
Nowadays, it is the most common. The hot and cold water controls form a single body with the spout. A single hole in the wall or on the washbasin is required for mounting. Most of the time, the temperature is controlled via a single lever. However, the so-called twin lever model allows adjusting cold and warm water separately.


Three-Holes Fitting
In this case, each water inlet is controlled separately and are laying at some distance from the spout. These models are for those who love classical faucets with two handles. Indeed, these taps bring a touch of elegance to your bathroom.  


Single Lever Mixer Taps
Monoblock faucets are the most common today. They are more practical and economical than two-handle taps. As the lever can be brought to a specific position before water is running, less water is wasted until the desired temperature is obtained. 


Two-Handle Taps
They are seen less frequently than in the past, but if you want to give your bathroom a nostalgic charm, you should choose this type of tap. Designers increasingly turn back to two-handles faucets.


High-Pressure Fitting
This type of mixer needs a minimum water pressure to work properly. This pressure is higher than 1 bar and this is what you have if you are connected to a central water heater.


Low Pressure Fitting
If your bathroom is not connected to central hot water supply but rather to a boiler, then you need a low-pressure tap. If you are still not sure which type of water heating system you have, you may do this simple test. Turn on the cold water and notice the pressure with which the water is coming out. Now turn the hot water on. If the water pressure is significantly lower than the one observed with cold water, then you have a boiler and you need a low water pressure fitting. Due to the higher complexity of these taps, they are usually slightly more expensive than high-pressure fittings.


Deck-Mounted Basin Tap
This is the most common. It is mounted directly on the edge of the washbasin, or just behind it on the vanity. In the first case, the number of tap holes is important. You will find plenty of them with all shapes and sizes in our boutique.


Wall-Mounted Basin Tap
As its name suggests it is mounted on the wall in front of the washbasin. Two different types exist depending on whether valve and pipework are visible or not i.e. exposed and concealed respectively. Concealed taps are very trendy because they give a very tidy look. Remember that you must order separately the concealed installation unit. In our boutique, you will find it easily by clicking on your favourite wall-mounted tap to access the product sheet. If you scroll down to the section Related Products, the proper model will be shown.

When choosing a washbasin fitting, it is essential to consider the pressure issue. Especially in older houses, instantaneous water heaters are common. In newer houses, bathroom walls are often not load-bearing, so that wall fittings can be installed without any problems. If you want to buy only a tap and you already have the basin, then you must respect the number of tap holes it has. Finally, if you are not sure which washbasin tap is right for you, consult a specialist.

What about the design?

The following questions can help you find out which design would be the best.

Take the style of your bathroom into consideration. How does the washbasin and the rest of my bathroom look like? Is it modern or traditional? In a modern one, nostalgic faucet would look a bit odd, while playing around with square shapes or a waterfall spout could add a fresh touch to your bathroom.

Which shape do I prefer? Do I prefer clean geometric lines or rather round ones? Or do I choose something in between? Do I like it filigree or rather coarse?

Which colour do I wish? Is there a special colour concept in your bathroom, or do you specifically place a colour accent on your faucet? Most fittings are made of brass and coated with chrome but recently, many manufacturers like GROHE, Hansgrohe and Axor developed a large choice of metallic finishes in various shades. Black taps have gained significant popularity and this trend has shown no signs of slow down.

An important decision is certainly also the question of high-gloss or matt finishes. Would you like a noble shining appearance rather than a matt discreet look? The matt surfaces have the advantage that limescale and water stains are not as noticeable as on shiny surfaces.

Would you like to have a swivel spout or do you prefer a rigid one?

Our manufacturers offer the right tap for every taste and each bathroom. Browse through our shop and see what you like.

The right size and shape combination

It is important that your tap and your basin match, both visually and in terms of proportions. Many manufacturers offer special design series that gives you the ideal combination of ceramic ware and fitting. This can make your decision easier.

Faucet size:

A washbasin tap that is too large or too small can alter the overall appearance of your bathroom. Besides, the waterspout should not be too high because you will get water splash everywhere each time you wash your hands. On the opposite, if it is too low you won't be able to use your washbasin comfortably. A small or medium-size tap is normally ideal for an inset basin and the choice between these two will depend principally on how deep it is.

There should be at least 5 cm distances between the spout and the edge of the countertop basin. Several models of deck-mounted taps are proposed in an elongated form to match with countertop basins. Alternatively, the height of wall-mounted taps is easily adjustable and very convenient for countertop basins.

Fitting shape:

Normally, similar washbasin and tap shapes are combined, but there are no rules. You may simply do exactly the opposite to get the attention deliberately focused on your basin and faucet.

Innovative basin faucets

Infrared Taps
An interesting alternative to these common types of mixers is the infrared taps. Very common in public washroom, these are now offered to private house owner at affordable prices. The major advantage is improved hygiene. Besides, infrared fittings save water as it only flows when it is needed.

Fittings with safety features
Safety is also becoming increasingly important in the bathroom, which is why more and more washbasin taps are equipped with a safety shut-off (especially found on electronic taps) so that your washing pleasure does not have any unpleasant consequences. Especially interesting if you have children at home, adjustable temperature limiter prevent your little ones from scalding.

Taps with water-saving technology
Sustainability and environmental protection play an increasingly important role in our lives. Many basin faucets are equipped with water-saving technologies or an adjustable flow rate.

Basin Taps Maintenance

Do you want to enjoy your taps for a long time? Wipe your faucets with a soft cloth after each use to prevent limescale. Also, you should not use any aggressive cleaning agents or abrasive. 

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