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Bathtub taps for perfect relaxing moments

Bathtub fittings are an integral part of a fully equipped bathroom. Several types are available and most of them give the possibility to connect a hand shower to it. Indeed, the hand shower offers great flexibility in the bathroom and should not be missing. In our buying guide, you will get an overview of what is on the market, valuable tips to make your choice and get a glimpse of new trends. >> Read more in our buying guide

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Types of Taps and Accessories
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Types of Taps and Accessories

Classic Bathtub Faucet 

Single-lever mixers, where the lever must be lifted and turned to adjust the water flow and temperature respectively, are the most common taps. In general, the mixer consists of a bath spout and a diverter that must be pulled out or pushed to choose between the bath tap or the hand shower. The shower hose is usually connected to the lower part of the valve. The tap, therefore, controls both outlets and is equipped with a ceramic or silicone cartridge which prevents leaks and allows smooth manipulation of the lever. There are also dual control mixers where hot and cold water are adjusted separately. However, these taps are less and less used and are mainly in demand for aesthetic reasons.

Thermostatic Valve

Thermostatic taps generally have an elongated shape with settings for temperature and flow located separately on opposite sides. The controls have an ergonomic shape and a structure that makes them easy to use with wet hands. The advantage of these taps is that the optimum temperature is reached quickly and remains constant throughout use. Because they are equipped with special cartridges, thermostatic valves with Grohe TurboStat® technology reach the desired temperature within seconds. The thermostatic tap also contains an outlet for the bath spout and a connection for the shower hose. The new thermostats are generally flattened on the top to allow shower products to be placed on it. To shop thermostatic valves, click here. 

Shower Head
They are particularly useful if you wish to shower in the bathtub, or rinse it after use and wash your children or your pet. With their different sprays, they will delight you. They can be attached to a shower bar or a bracket on the wall. To learn more about hand showers sets, click here. 


There are several types of installation for bathtub fittings:


Faucets can be installed on the floor right next to your bath. These taps are mainly used for freestanding bathtub. Their installation must be planned before the bath is placed, as the location on the floor must be foreseen.


The fitting is fixed to the wall against which the bathtub is leaned. It is not necessary to plan its installation before the bathtub is laid, as often the connections are already provided.


Faucets installed directly on the edge of the bathtub, such as Grohe's Eurostyle Cosmopolitan, are generally very aesthetic. Most of them are four-hole taps, where each element (spout, lever, hand shower and diverter) has its outlet. If your bathtub is not suitable for a deck-mounted fitting, you can also mount your fitting on a small shelf along the bathtub.

Exposed or Concealed

Exposed tap or thermostat are mounted on the wall and completely visible whereas a concealed installation hides all the ugly pipework behind the wall, showing only the parts which are essential for usage: spout, temperature and flow controls. Cleaning and exposed taps is surely longer than cleaning a concealed one, but repair and replacement are easier and cheaper for the exposed version.

1-hole, 3-holes, 4-holes or 5-holes valves?

In the first place, you should choose the taps which fit your bathtub, i.e. they must have the same number of holes if you wish to install a deck-mounted tap. A conventional mixer tap needs only 1-hole but if you want a bath mixer tap with controls for cold and hot water, you will need a 3-hole tap. Add a showerhead to it and you are now with a 4-hole tap. Nowadays, the trend is towards multi-hole taps. Manufacturers often separate the lever from the spout (2-holes needed) and a hand shower with a diverter is included for a total of 4 holes for a deck-mounted. 



Faucets are nowadays equipped with several options to meet your needs:

As its name suggests, an aerator adds air to reduce water consumption and soften the jet. It is present in nearly all modern taps. It can be easily removed and must be cleaned regularly to prevent clogging with dirt as it also retains particles.

Temperature Safety Lock
The stop is usually integrated on mixers that have a specific setting for temperature. It prevents scalding water to inadvertently run out of the tap. In general, the temperature is locked at 38°C to avoid burns. A higher temperature can be set by releasing the locked, generally pushing a button while turning the lever.

Cool Body Technology
Ideal Standard and Grohe have developed the Cool Body and CoolTouch technologies, which prevent mixers from becoming too hot and causing burns. A cooling system ensures that the outer temperature of the mixer does not exceed the water temperature.

Backflow Preventer
This valve limits the flow of water to a single direction and prevents backflow of non-drinking water into the pipes. In other words, it prevents drinking water from being contaminated. A backflow preventer also restricts the flow of cold water into the hot water pipe and vice versa.

When showering or bathing, the flow of water creates vibrations which are transmitted to the wall via the pipes and the tap. To avoid this, silencers are used by several manufacturers.

Dirt strainers and strainer seals are installed in thermostats and shower hoses to prevent dust from entering the hand shower mechanism. They should not be replaced by conventional gaskets because they no longer function as filters and the nozzles may become clogged.

Temperature Limiter
In addition to the safety lock, a temperature limiter can also be present on the tap. This is to avoid the temperature setting from being changed and to prevent children from being burned.

Grohe SilkMove®
Grohe SilkMove® technology helps control water and energy consumption because the settings are very precise, and the desired flow and temperature are reached in a fraction of a second.

Grohe's EcoButton reduces your consumption by self-regulating the flow rate. The jet remains just as powerful thanks to an aerator in the hand shower.


Bath taps are now available in many different shapes and with several functions. Special bath spouts mimic waterfall or wave. It is a pleasure to watch the water flowing into the bathtub and makes you look forward to the upcoming bath.


Different materials can be used for bath fittings:


Bath fittings made of plastic are particularly light, inexpensive and easy to maintain. However, they are not as robust as other materials and usually have a shorter lifetime.


Most fittings are made of brass and are chrome plated. This coating protects taps from rust and wear while being easy to clean. The chrome finish is available in high-gloss, brushed and matt finish.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel bath taps are very hygienic and resistant to scratch and corrosion. However, they are slightly more expensive than other materials.

For some fittings, safety glass is also used as a shelf on the fitting or as complete panelling.

No matter which material you choose, cleaning and maintenance of your faucet is also important for a long lifetime. It should not come into contact with strong acids or scouring and should only be washed with a mild detergent. Afterwards, the fitting must always be rinsed thoroughly with clear water and dried. 


Most of the shower and bath fittings are rather discreet and therefore fit easily in all bathroom layout. The classic colours are white, black and chrome, with chrome being the most common. However, bronze and other metallic shade are possible. Especially in luxurious bathrooms, golden fittings have become an ongoing trend.


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